Monday, September 16, 2013

Cool N Fresh Tupperware

Hi All,
  This is simple and ingenious product is designed to keep your tasty snacks, cut fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. It has a breathing seal that helps preserve the freshness of the contents. Pack sweets and delicacies in this amazing product and make a unique gift this festive season.

                                                           Cool N Fresh 

Small (450 ml) (set of 2 ) : 430/-
Medium ( 700 ml) (set of 2 ): 500/-
Flat (1.3 litres) : 450/-

  • Convenient sizes like small, medium and flat makes storage easier.
  • Comes with the textured surface which resists scratches and finger marks thus non-slippery.
  • Polished surface inside-easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stack-able it fits into the corner of the refrigerator-saves space.
  • Breathing seals allows air circulation in the refrigerator.

So friends grab one set just keep your contents fresh and healthy.

Happy Shopping 

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