Monday, October 28, 2013

MM oval 3- Tupperware

Hi All,
 Diwali is here and everywhere there are discount and free gift scheme is going on. So how can you miss this opportunity ....

Every time you make sooji halwa or upma, you doubt the quality of sooji because the insects sometimes can't even be seen. Modular Mates makes you feel confident about what your family eats and saves money too.

Enjoy the freshness of crunchy biscuits, crisp wafers and savouries protected from moisture in Modular Mates.

It comes in 4 sizes :

MM Oval 1 : 500 ml
MM Oval 2 : 1.1 litre
MM Oval 3 : 1.7 litre
MM Oval 4 : 2.13 litre

Current Month Offer: 

Buy 3 pieces of MM Oval (size 2 or Size 3) and get 4 piece free............

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